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Buyer Beware! Inc. Home Inspection Service

Our Washington State Licensed Home Inspectors learned the hard way.... you shouldn't. Construction Inspections by former builders and remodelers

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Pre-purchase Construction Inspections for Home Buyers
Construction Consulting for Home Owners

Buyer Beware! Inc. provides home buyers with excruciatingly thorough construction inspections for new or existing residences.

Our inspectors have college degrees in Building Construction or related fields from four year accredited universities. Each has worked in the field, with the tools, in multiple trades, for twenty or more years prior to becoming a Buyer Beware! Inc. pre-purchase home inspector.

As a Buyer Beware! Inc. client you will be encouraged to attend our pre-purchase construction inspection of your new home. You will get to see the residence with new eyes as we go through our twenty-four page check list. We make sure you see and understand any problems that turn up during the inspection and know how the problems should be solved.
By attending the inspection you get first hand all the good news about the things we check. After all, ninety-nine percent of the things we check will generally turn out to be good news about your next home. Our inspectors pass along maintenance tips and tricks specific to your home we learned while working in the trades. These tips and tricks can help you keep your home in good condition while under your stewardship

Let us know If you are buying a home with the idea of making immediate or near term changes. Our experience as home builders and remodel contractors allows us to help you determine whether you will encounter any major obstacles to your plans within the structure you are purchasing.

We document our on-site inspection with digital color photographs that are included with the narrative written report. Printed reports and printed color photographs are available at the end of the business day following the on-site inspection
 Pre-purchase Construction Inspection Report

Our narritive construction inspection reports are individually written for each home inspected. No two homes have the same group of problems. Similar problems usually show up in different places. Don't accept a pre-written inspection document with notes scribbled into the margines. Insist on a home specific construction inspection report.

Construction Inspection Photo Appendix
Printed color photographs included in a Photo Appendix in each report make it hard for a seller to deny the problem you want to have addressed. Providing photographic evidence of problems also makes it easier for sellers to find qualified contractors willing to make the repairs needed. Nonspecific generic reports can leave big gaps in the information that gets passed through your real estate professionals to the people who do the work.
Buyer Beware! Inc. Construction Inspection Reports provide you with the information you need to make sure the residence you purchase is what it was represented to be.
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